Down There

Written by Randy Sharp & Michael Gump

Directed by Randy Sharp

March 1 - April 1, 1995

Thursdays - Sundays at 8PM
General Admission $12

Down There is the true story of Casey Likens who was taken in as a boarder by the Menckl family household and systematically tortured to death over a three month period. Mrs. Menckl supervises her children and two neighborhood boys in the graphic destruction of this fifteen year old girl. AXIS found the subject material compelling for many reasons, not the least of which being how unusual it is to hear of a woman killing another woman, let alone a mother killing a little girl. Pat Menckl and her family were brutalized by her husband for many years before Casey's entrance into their lives, and AXIS uses this as well as many other components to explain how something like this could really occur. The inherent comedy in day to day family life distracts from the graphic activities of this household and forces the experience of Casey's death to be seen form a seriously unexpected and discomforting position. AXIS draws on classic horror influences like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Dead Ringers to produce the visual terror of the Menckl Family arena. How could Casey become the scapegoat of eight separate personalities? How could they not sway from their purpose or question the torturing of Casey for three whole months? What is it like to be in a family like this one? Why didn't Casey just run away? Down There answers these questions.

Featuring: Robert Ierardi*, Vivian Jordan, Jim Ivey, Sue Ann Molinell, Wren Arthur, Michael Gump, Paul Dawson, Nichole Greevy

Director: Randy Sharp Business Manager: Jeff Resnick Production Stage Manager: Francisco J. Cardoza Set Designer: Mark Ricker (Scenic fabrication by Brooklyn Scenic & Theatrical) Lighting Designer: Pamela Traynor Sound Designer: Michael Birnbaum (Applehead Sound in Woodstock, New York) Film Designer: Roberto Espinoza Monkey Designer: Tad Beck

Special Thanks To: Tobe Hooper, Luis Buñuel, David Cronenberg, Tad Beck, Stephen Earle, D.E. Schaeffer and publicist Bruce Lin.

*Appearing courtesy of Actors' Equity Association

Performed at 224 Waverly Place, New York, NY