Picture This

Conceived, Written & Produced by AXIS COMPANY

Directed by Randy Sharp

May 6 - June 5, 1999

Thursdays - Saturdays at 8PM
General Admission $10

What is memory? Does remembered music manifest as seemingly actual sound in our ears? Do remembered events appear to play in front of our eyes? Is it possible for the memories themselves to have ulterior motives in appearing? Do they have reasons of their own for coming into your head? What if, when you remembered someone who had died, you accidentally brought them back into the world? Would an unwarned, reincorporated person feel comfortable here? Wouldn't they feel awkward? Is it possible that they wouldn't want to participate in your controlled, perhaps faulty rethinking of what part they played in your life? What if a girl was thinking about her brother who drowned as a child, how her Mother stuck her head in the oven, that her Father got cancer and died and her Grandma fell asleep and never woke up. What if because she simply thought about them they came back to life and ransacked her brain for their own reasons?

Using extraordinary performance technology, full suspension rigging and integrated motion pictures AXIS breaks down the door of Sally Menckl's brain as she desperately tries to order her thoughts about the death of her entire family.

Featuring: *Wren Arthur, *Jan Leslie Harding, *Robert Ierardi, *Sue Ann Molinell, Scott Shepherd

Director: Randy Sharp
Set Design: Kyle Chepulis
Lighting Design: David Zeffren
Sound Design: Randy Sharp, Steve Fontaine
Sound Engineer: Steve Fontaine
Choreography: Laurie Kilmartin
Lighting Board Operator: Daniel Killeen
Winch Operator: John Slattery
Costumes: Regina Elizabeth Walls
Film: Mott Hupfel (Randy Sharp, Ami Armstrong, Lloyd Handwerker)
Editor: Michael Hutetz
Graphic Design: Ethan Crenson
Producing Director: Ami Armstrong
Executive Producer: Jeff Resnick

*Actors appear courtesy of Actors Equity

Theatrical Press Representative: Spin Cycle

Thanks to Michael Matkin and Greg Paul

  • Jan Leslie Harding, Robert Ierardi, Wren Arthur (on screen), Sue Ann Molinell - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Wren Arthur (on screen), Sue Ann Molinell - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Sue Ann Molinell, Wren Arthur (on screen), Robert Ierardi, Jan Leslie Harding - photo by Dixie Sheridan