Hospital 1999

Conceived, Written & Produced by AXIS COMPANY

Directed by Randy Sharp

July 22 - September 18, 1999

Thursdays - Fridays at 8pm
General Admission $5

Axis Company's episodic play Hospital that examines the interior life of a man in a terminal coma. Entering this state in a different way every year, the audience travels with him as he lives out his last few days roaming the vast, dark interiors of his own brain.

Although Hospital is a serial play, each evening can be viewed separately as a self-contained, short play.

Featuring: Wren Arthur, Brian Barnhart, Ryan Bronze, Robert Cucuzza, Robert Ierardi, Vivian Jordan, Laurie Kilmartin

Director: Randy Sharp
Sound Design: Steve Fontaine
Lighting Design: David Zeffren
Film: Mott Hupfel
Editor: Mike Huetz
Original Music: Steve Fontaine & Randy Sharp
Graphics: Ethan Crenson

Producing Director: Ami Armstrong
Executive Producer: Jeff Resnick

  • Vivian Jordan - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Ryan Bronze, Robert Cucuzza, Laurie Kilmartin, Wren Arthur - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Ryan Bronze, Robert Cucuzza, Laurie Kilmartin, Wren Arthur - photo by Dixie Sheridan

“...if a healthy dose of surreal outrageousness is the cure for what ails you, then the blitz of absurdity being prescribed by the Axis Theatre Company may be just what the doctor ordered...using cutting-edge performance technology, director Randy Sharp, Axis co-founder and co-artistic director (and original music provider, to boot) served up a slick, compact, and even production that fairly synthesized the state-of-the-art stage, lighting, and sound (the latter two thanks to the talents of David Zeffren and Steve Fontaine, respectively) that the space boasts, while being complimented by the eerily effective performances of actors who seemed to be reveling in the afterbirth of this "gutsy" is due to this rather bold company and distinctive mission and the vision and talent to make it happen.”
—Show Business
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