USS Frankenstein

Conceived, Written & Produced by AXIS COMPANY

Directed by Randy Sharp

September 25 - November 15, 2003

Thursdays - Saturdays at 8PM
Adults $20, Students/Seniors $10

USS Frankenstein boldly blends fact and fantasy as it examines a mysterious and little-known military incident. In July 1945, a United States cruiser class battleship sailed to the South Pacific to deliver key components of the bomb that later detonated over Japan on August 6th. Known only to the highest military personnel, the passenger manifest may have included the man responsible for the creation of the bomb itself, J. R. Oppenheimer. On the voyage back to the States, the ship was destroyed...

With USS Frankenstein, Axis Company examines not only the nature of the atomic bomb itself but also its effect on its creator, protectors, and victims. Using disparate mixed-media sources this reconstruction of what may have been Oppenheimer's most secret thoughts pulls into focus historic events and introduces several potential outcomes.

Featuring: Brian Barnhart, David Crabb, Edgar Oliver, Christopher Swift

Director: Randy Sharp
Stage Manager: Jared Abramson
Asst. Stage Manager: Kate Aronsson
Light Design: David Zeffren
Sound Design: Steve Fontaine
Film: Dan Hersey
Film Editor: Mike Huetz
Assistant Camera: David Flannigan
Film Editing: Mike Huetz
Production Design: Kate Aronsson
Website & Graphics: Ethan Crenson

Executive Producer: Jeffrey Resnick
Company Manager: Brian Barnhart

The Producers wish to thank the tdf Costume Collection for its assistance in this production.

This production is made possible by a generous grant from the Peter Jay Sharp Foundation.

  • David Crabb, Christopher Swift, Brian Barnhart, Edgar Oliver - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Brian Barnhart, Edgar Oliver - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Brian Barnhart - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Brian Barnhart, David Crabb - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Christopher Swift, Brian Barnhart - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Edgar Oliver, Brian Barnhart - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Christopher Swift - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Brian Barnhart, Christopher Swift, David Crabb, Edgar Oliver - photo by Dixie Sheridan

“...the roles are so deeply realized and the physical presence of the clanking, groaning hull of the disintegrating ship so threatening that the 40 minutes of this play tickle and torment one for days.”
The New York Times
“Director Randy Sharp ties all elements of the play together to create an uneasy, eerie feel, punctuated with strangely calm waters and snippets of 1940s jazz..."U.S.S. Frankenstein" is a well performed and compelling drama that takes a fascinating look at the far-reaching effects of actions, and how they may come full-circle. ”
—Washington Square News