Strangers in the World

Axis Company's 20th Anniversary Season

March 13 - April 6, 2019

Wednesdays - Saturdays at 8pm
Adults $30; Seniors/Students $20; Artists/Under 30 $10; First Ten Tickets for each show are $10 | Veterans & Active U.S. Service Members and Their Families, FREE

A small group of puritans arrives in 1613. Unable to venture far inland they build a poorly constructed village on the rocky shore. After two years a ship arrives with more colonists and supplies but the captain goes mad and sets the ship on fire, sinking it just beyond the harbor. Eight years pass, and at last they decide that tomorrow they will head somewhere south on a journey of certain hardship. Then, a visitor from another world arrives on the shoreline.

What happens when the values and morals of puritans are set against the grinding agony of starvation, the constant death of their children and the horror of murder? How can they choose between bonds of home, a godless southern city and the silent sweet promise of nothing?

Featuring: Featuring: Spencer Aste, Brian Barnhart, Andrew Dawson, Britt Genelin, Phil Gillen, , Emily Kratter, Jon McCormick, Katie Rose Summerfield

Writer/Director: Randy Sharp
Production Stage Manager: Erik Savage
Asst. Stage Manager: Laurie Kilmartin
Lighting Designer: David Zeffren
Asst. Lighting Designer: Amy Harper
Set Designer: Chad Yarborough
Costume Designer: Karl Ruckdeschel
Asst. Costume Designer: Jess Gersz
Properties Designer: Lynn Mancinelli
Composer/Sound Designer: Paul Carbonara

violin: Frederika Krier
cello: Susan D. Mandel

  • Katie Rose Summerfield, Spencer Aste, Andrew Dawson, Phil Gillen - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Katie Rose Summerfield, Britt Genelin, Spencer Aste, Andrew Dawson, Phil Gillen - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Spencer Aste, Britt Genelin, Andrew Dawson - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Phil Gillen, Brian Barnhart, Emily Kratter, Jon McCormick - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Jon McCormick, Andrew Dawson, Katie Rose Summerfield - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Andrew Dawson, Brian Barnhart, Spencer Aste - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Andrew Dawson, Phil Gillen, Katie Rose Summerfield - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Katie Rose Summerfield, Jon McCormick, Andrew Dawson, Spencer Aste, Emily Kratter, Phil Gillen - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Katie Rose Summerfield, Phil Gillen - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Katie Rose Summerfield, Spencer Aste, Phil Gillen, Britt Genelin - photo by Pavel Antonov

“...especially hallucinatory. The stage pictures and soundscapes are astonishing...I'm always impressed with everything I see at Axis.”
—Hi Drama
“...'Strangers in the World' swirls around like a cyclone revealing these character’s inner turmoils which are no longer invisible underneath their religious piety...(and) suggests that darkness within the human soul is inescapably pervasive no matter how tight one clings to their god.”
“Sharp is clearly a poet—and a talented one. Her skills at recreating the syntactically quaint but often trenchant language of these early-seventeenth-century characters is admirable—akin to what Arthur Miller was able to do in ‘The Crucible’ (which was set considerably later in the American Puritan saga)… and (a) special congratulations to sound designer Paul Carbonara (whose) music is chilling and grave…”
“…a moving, stylized theatre piece…The acting is exceptional. Each character is individualized by gesture and tone. Their dilemma is poignant, and the repeating phrases are almost incantatory…’Strangers in the World’ makes these people feel contemporary as they struggle with forbidden urges and the desperate longing to be perceived as worthy of grace, blessing, and salvation.”
—New York Theatre Wire