• High Noon photo by Pavel Antonov
  • photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Photo by Edgerton



    Conceived by Axis Company
    Directed by Randy Sharp

    February 15 - March 24, 2018

    Axis Company presents HIGH NOON, an adaptation devised by the ensemble. In this interpretation of HIGH NOON, the Wild West is not the place of heroes and adventure, but a landscape of overbearing nothingness where humans, and their moral conflicts, are cast in glaring light. As the town awaits the alleged return, and savage revenge streak, of a murderer on the noon train, their marshal desperately tries to rally support and save his own life.

    … this onstage anxiety dream forces us to reexamine what really is the "right thing," and why an allegedly heroic marshal would find himself alone...‘High Noon’ couldn't be timelier as we reexamine political authority and who has the legitimacy to wield it. While the original film presented a black and white tale of duty, Axis admirably paints in shades of gray. - Zachary Stewart, THEATERMANIA

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