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Conceived by Axis Company

Directed by Randy Sharp

February 15 - March 24, 2018
Thursdays - Saturdays at 8PM
Adults $30; Seniors/Students $20; Artists/Under 30 $10; First Ten Tickets for each show are $10 | Veterans & Active U.S. Service Members and Their Families, FREE

Axis Company presents HIGH NOON, an adaptation devised by the ensemble. In this interpretation of HIGH NOON, the Wild West is not the place of heroes and adventure, but a landscape of overbearing nothingness where humans, and their moral conflicts, are cast in glaring light. As the town awaits the alleged return, and savage revenge streak, of a murderer on the noon train, their marshal desperately tries to rally support and save his own life.

Featuring: Spencer Aste, Brian Barnhart, Andrew Dawson, George Demas, Britt Genelin, Phil Gillen, Jon McCormick, Nicholas McGovern, Brian Parks, Katie Rose Summerfield

Production Stage Manager: Erik Savage
Asst. Stage Manager: Laurie Kilmartin
Lighting Designer: David Zeffren
Asst. Lighting Designer: Amy Harper
Set Designer: Chad Yarborough
Costume Designer: Karl Ruckdeschel
Asst. Costume Designer: Jess Gersz
Properties Designer: Lynn Mancinelli
Composer/Sound Designer: Paul Carbonara

For more information and to reserve a Veteran ticket please email INFO@AxisCompany.org. PLEASE NOTE: There are some brief LOUD noises and STROBES used in this production.

  • Jon McCormick, Britt Genelin - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Jon McCormick, Britt Genelin, Phil Gillen, George Demas - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Brian Barnhart, Spencer Aste, George Demas, Phil Gillen, Katie Rose Summerfield - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Nicholas McGovern, Andrew Dawson - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Phil Gillen, Brian Parks, George Demas - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Andrew Dawson, Britt Genelin, Spencer Aste, George Demas - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Nicholas McGovern, Spencer Aste, George Demas, Katie Rose Summerfield - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Britt Genelin, Katie Rose Summerfield - photo by Pavel Antonov
  • Britt Genelin, Brian Barnhart, Phil Gillen, George Demas, Nicholas McGovern - photo by Pavel Antonov

Playwrights Welcome is a new program developed for Dramatists Guild of America Members by Samuel French along with Dramatists Play Service, Dramatic Publishing, Music Theatre International, Playscripts and Rodgers and Hammerstein. The goal is simple: to provide free access to theatre for playwrights, composers and lyricists. We are invested in the success and artistic health of our industry's writers, and by extension the vibrancy of the American theatre. We're also aware that attending theatre is an integral part to how writers learn their craft and grow as artists.

Axis Company is proud to take part in Playwrights Welcome, which offers available tickets to professional playwrights on the day of a performance, free of charge. To receive a ticket through Playwrights Welcome at our theater, please contact us at info@axiscompany.org or by calling (212) 807-9300 (leaving a message in the general mailbox). Note that writers must present their Dramatists Guild membership card when requesting a ticket.

For more information on this national program, and to learn which theaters around the country are involved, please visit samuelfrench.com/playwrightswelcome.
“… this onstage anxiety dream forces us to reexamine what really is the "right thing," and why an allegedly heroic marshal would find himself alone... 'High Noon' couldn't be timelier as we reexamine political authority and who has the legitimacy to wield it. While the original film presented a black and white tale of duty, Axis admirably paints in shades of gray.”
—Zachary Stewart
“The ensemble acting maintained a sense of truth amid such abstraction with line readings that put any number of moments in abrupt, sharp focus. The staging had a certain formality that suggested an element of ritual. After all, this story is cyclical, a constant churn of justice and the lack of it...I found (it) Brechtian, offering no release from the issues at hand. Any traditional ending would suggest that justice of some sort wins out... 'High Noon' became a dense, provocative, complicated nexus of ideas – the sort that’s possible off-off-Broadway.”
—David Patrick Stearns, Arts Journal
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