Axis Company: 6 - Psycho Surgery or The Freeman Watts Standard Procedure

Written & Directed by Randy Sharp

February 15 - March 3, 2001

Thursdays - Saturdays at 8PM
General Admission $10

Axis Company presents 6, two separate cycles of short plays by new writers and directors. Cycle one: February 15-March 3 - Psycho Surgery or the Freeman Watts Standard Procedure, written and directed by Randy Sharp; Mega God by David Guion, directed by Robert Davenport; Guy Said, written and directed by Ami Armstrong. Cycle two: March 8-24 - Welcome Houdini, written and directed by Randy Sharp; Zipper Sheet by Jyllian Gunther, directed by Will Pomerantz; Life Game by Chris Swift, directed by Daniella Topol.

Featuring: David Balutanski, Sue Ann Molinell, John Murphy, Jim Sterling

Director: Randy Sharp
Light Design: David Zeffren
Sound Design: Steve Fontaine
Costume Design: Kate Aronsson
Producing Director: Ami Armstrong
Executive Producer: Jeffrey Resnick

  • Sue Ann Molinell - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Jim Sterling, Sue Ann Molinell, John Murphy, David Balutanski - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • John Murphy - photo by Dixie Sheridan