Hospital 2006

Conceived, Written & Produced by AXIS COMPANY

Directed by Randy Sharp

September 29 - October 11, 2006

Ep ONE: September 29, 30; October 6, 7 | Ep TWO: October 13, 14, 20, 21 | Ep THREE: October 26, 27; November 3, 4 | Ep FOUR: November 10, 11
Adults $10; Seniors/Students $5

Axis Company's episodic play Hospital (a West Village phenomenon every summer) examines the interior life of a man in a terminal coma. Entering this state in a different way every year, the audience travels with him as he lives out his last few days roaming the vast, dark interiors of his own brain. This year a complicated mystery unfolds to reveal the possible intentions of a manipulative, drug addicted thief. Hospital 2006 asks this question: What is an accident ?

Featuring: *Brian Barnhart, *Ian Tooley, *Marc Palmieri, *Joe Fuer, *David Crabb, *Laurie Kilmartin, *Tom Pennacchini, *Paul Marc Barnes, *Margo Passalaqua, *George Demas, Matt Neely, Lynn Mancinelli, *Sue Ann Molinell, *Edgar Oliver, Randy Spence, *Matt Neely, *Joe Fuer, *Jim Sterling

director & original music: Randy Sharp
stage manager: Marlene Berner
production designer: Kate Aronsson-Brown
lighting designer: David Zeffren
assistant lighting designer: Amy Harper
lighting technicians: Jamie Crockett, Rafael Cubela, Jacob Hill
sound designer/music production & arrangements: Steve Fontaine
set construction: Ian Tooley
sound operator: David Balutanski
light board operator: Rafael Cubela
website & graphic designer: Ethan Crenson
publicity photographer: Dixie Sheridan
premise film director of photography: Ben Wolf
film editor: Mike Huetz
film producers: Maggie Engelhardt, Sophia Lin
assistant camera operator: Michael Burke
gaffer/grip: Casey Wooden
artistic director: Randy Sharp
executive producer: Jeffrey Resnick
company manager: Brian Barnhart
production manager: Ian Tooley
box office manager: Ed Terhune

NOTE: There are loud gunshots in this production.

*Actors appear courtesy of Actors’ Equity

This production is made possibly by a generous grant from the Peter Jay Sharp Foundation.

The Producers wish to thank the tdf Costume Collection for its assistance in this production.

  • Lynn Mancinelli, George Demas, Margo Passalaqua, Matt Neely - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Tom Pennacchini, David Crabb, Laurie Kilmartin, Paul Marc Barnes - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • David Crabb, Joe Fuer (on screen) - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Brian Barnhart, Ian Tooley, Marc Palmieri - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Paul Marc Barnes, David Crabb, Laurie Kilmartin, Tom Pennacchini - photo by Axis Company
  • The Cast of "Hospital 2006" - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Jim Sterling, Paul Marc Barnes, Laurie Kilmartin, Joe Fuer, David Crabb, Tom Pennacchini - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Edgar Oliver, Marc Palmieri (on screen), Brian Barnhart - photo by Dixie Sheridan

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