Solitary Light

Music & Lyrics by Randy Sharp and Paul Carbonara

Directed by Randy Sharp

September 10 - October 4, 2014

Wednesdays - Saturdays at 8PM
Additional performance Monday, September 15 at 8PM

Adults $40; Seniors/Students $30

On March 25, 1911 the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory on Greene Street was engulfed in flames. On the 8th and 9th floors all the doors were locked form the outside to prevent employees from discussing unionism in the hallways, to discourage suspected theft and to ensure a full days work from the essentially enslaved seamstresses. 146 people died in this disaster. Some stood at windows begging to be saved. Some tried to climb down the fire escape that immediately collapsed because no one had wanted to pay for its repair. Some tried the elevator that was valiantly operated until it could no longer rise because of the weight on its roof of girls who had jumped into the shaft.

Solitary Light tells a story through the eyes of those who witnessed New York's Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire that resulted in the death of 146 people in 1911. It depicts the lives of Frank and Louise, two young politically minded immigrant workers in love, as they navigate the financially strapped owners and the incredibly rich families of 1911 New York who had little concept of the horrors of the working class experience. The streets of lower Manhattan in the early 20th century and the fascinating stories that happened there are carefully recreated in a manner that will bring this turning point in history to life on stage. How did a disaster like this happen? How is it possible that it still occurs in factories all over the world?

This year's 2nd annual Theater:Village Festival, presented by Axis Theatre, Cherry Lane Theatre, New Ohio Theatre, and Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, is entitled E PLURIBUS and features four new plays celebrating diversity in America.

Featuring: Spencer Aste, Shira Averbuch, Mara Beier, Dewey Caddell, George Demas, Emily Kratter, Lynn Mancinelli, Stephanie Regina and Jared Young

music director: Paul Carbonara
choreographer: Lynn Mancinelli
asst. to the choreographer: Laurie Kilmartin
stage manager: Regina Betancourt
dramaturge/asst. stage manager: Marc Palmieri
lighting designer: David Zeffren
assistant lighting designer: Amy Harper
sound designer: Steve Fontaine
costume designer: Karl Ruckdeschel
assistant costume designer & wardrobe supervisor: Jess Gersz
set design & carpentry, properties master: Chad Yarborough
vocal coach: Andrew Byrne
production asst./light operator: Edward Terhune
production assistant: Sean Patrick Monahan
set & properties painter: Alicia Adams
asst. to properties master: Jaclyn McCarthey
set carpenter & asst. to set carpenter: Mikey Bajor, Oscar Krol
website & graphic designer: Ethan Crenson
publicity/PR: Blake Zidell & Assoc.
photographers: Dixie Sheridan, John Painz
box office manager: Erik Savage

Artistic Director - Randy Sharp
Producing Director - Brian Barnhart
Executive Producer - Jeffrey Resnick

Paul Carbonara: Guitar
Andy Burton: Piano
Hajnal Pivnick: Violin
Sam Quiggins: Cello

Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition (Mary Anne Trasciatti, Kevin Baker, Lulu Lolo, Suzanne Pred Bass)

  • Emily Kratter, Lynn Mancinelli, Stephanie Regina, Mara Beier, Dewey Caddell - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • George Demas - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Spencer Aste, Mara Beier, Dewey Caddell, Shira Averbuch, George Demas, Jared Young, Emily Kratter, Stephanie Regina, Lynn Mancinelli - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • George Demas, Stephanie Regina, Shira Averbuch, Spencer Aste, Lynn Mancinelli, Jared Young, Mara Beier, Dewey Caddell - photo by Dixie Sheridan
  • Spencer Aste, Lynn Mancinelli, Mara Beier, Jared Young, Dewey Caddell, Shira Averbuch, George Demas, Stephanie Regina, Emily Kratter - photo by Dixie Sheridan

“…lyrical and gentle…restrained… the clear, unforced singing, accompanied by a quartet of musicians, is affecting.”
The New Yorker
“…it will astound you with its uncommon beauty…when the actors step into the light, Karl Ruckdeschel's stunningly authentic period costumes come into full view…everyone in the ensemble sings like an angel…among the most beautiful music heard on the New York stage this season…Sharp and Carbonara have created an emotional soundscape…Sharp's stage pictures paired with Carbonara's magical melodies make for a pleasant …hour in the theater. ”
“…this musical finds hope in the darkness…the production is beautiful and strong…Randy Sharp and Paul Carbonara's score is breathtaking…Jared Young leads the cast with stunning presence and a passionate voice…Lynn Mancinelli's choreography creates art out of the movements of factory workers, making the ordinary into something epic as the worker's lives blend into their daily motions…David Zeffren's superb lighting design (is) a bold design that should be applauded.”
—New York Theatre Review
“…a powerful evocation of the notorious 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire…the cast members work splendidly as a collective…this is a work to be experienced…everything about the production contributes to the ethereal atmosphere…a delicately sculpted and nuanced work, filled with images and sounds (including the very talented musicians on guitar, piano, violin, and cello) that tell its tale without an ounce of pathos or blood-pounding anthems or speechifying.”
—Talkin' Broadway
“…a remarkable new work…extraordinary…special praise is due the lighting director, David Zeffren, who create(s) such vivid illusions…excellent choreograph(y)…“Solitary Light” is not only important in remembering history, it is relevant to today’s labor situation.”
—Broadway After Dark
“…a tender and heart wrenching musing on love and life…(an) immensely talented team of collaborators…(a) breathtaking lighting design…”
—Stage Buddy