The Groundling

Written & Directed by Marc Palmieri

February 11 - March 8, 2015

Wednesdays & Thursdays at 7pm; Fridays & Saturdays at 8pm; Sundays at 3pm
No performance on Sunday, February 15; Added performance on Monday, February 16 at 7pm

Adults $50; Seniors/Students $35

After stumbling upon a small outdoor production of a Shakespeare play in Manhattan, Long Island landscaper Bob Malone is inspired to write a play about his troubled marriage. He hires two reluctant New York theatre professionals to spend a week at his home and stage the play in his garage with a cast of colorful locals. The Groundling is a heartfelt comedy that meditates on the meaning of the final moments of Love's Labour's Lost, and the surprising effects a play can have on the most unsuspecting, and perhaps most deserving of us all.

Featuring: Robert Ierardi, Eva Kaminsky, Brian Barnhart, Kendall Rileigh, Emily Kratter, Benjamin Russell, and Jerry Matz

Production Stage Manager: David Beller
Production Stage Manager: Regina Betancourt
Asst. Stage Manager/Director: Sean Patrick Monahan
Light Designer: David Zeffren
Asst. Light Designer: Amy Harper
Sound Designer: Erik T. Lawson
Costume Designer: Karl Ruckdeschel
Set Designer: Chad Yarborough
Set Construction: Chad Yarborough, Mike Bajor, Oscar Krol, Casey Brazfield
Prop Designer & Construction: Lynn Mancinelli
Charge Artists: Alicia Adams, Liz Alderman
Wardrobe Supervisor: Jocelyn Chatman
Website & Graphic Design: Ethan Crenson/Red Shift
Original Artwork: Lynn Mancinelli
Photography: John Painz
Publicity/PR: Blake Zidell & Assoc.
House Manager: Laurie Kilmartin
Box Office Manage: Erik Savage

Artistic Director - Randy Sharp
Producing Director - Brian Barnhart
Executive Producer - Jeffrey Resnick

Setting: the garage of a home on Long Island.
The running time is approximately 90 minutes without an intermission.

The Groundling was workshopped at The Lark Play Development Center and presented at South Coast Repertory's NewSCRipts Series.

Axis Company, Deloss Brown, Shelley Butler, Kim Colburn, Stephen Day, George Demas, Peter Dobbins, Suzy Fay, Gorilla Rep, Mary Harden, James Honderich, Laurie Kilmartin, David King, The Lark Play Development Center, Michael Laurence, The Leons, John Painz, Anna and Nora Palmieri, Kristen Palmieri, The Palmieris, Penobscot Theatre Company, Randy Sharp, South Coast Repertory, Daniel Talbot, Robert Vaughan

  • Kendall Rileigh, Jerry Matz, Emily Kratter, Benjamin Russell - photo by John Painz
  • Brian Barnhart, Jerry Matz - photo by John Painz
  • Robert Ierardi, Emily Kratter, Jerry Matz,  Brian Barnhart, Eva Kaminsky, Benjamin Russell - photo by John Painz
  • Jerry Matz, Benjamin Russell, Brian Barnhart - photo by John Painz
  • Brian Barnhart, Kendall Rileigh, Benjamin Russell, Jerry Matz, Emily Kratter, Evan Kaminsky - photo by John Painz
  • Kendall Rileigh, Jerry Matz, Eva Kaminsky, Benjamin Russell, Emily Kratter, Robert Ierardi - photo by John Painz
  • Robert Ierardi, Brian Barnhart, Eva Kaminsky - photo by John Painz

“Though it begins as a formulaic showbiz farce, it takes an unexpected swerve toward heartbreak...borrowing a neat trick from Shakespeare, Mr. Palmieri tops off the saccharine comedy with a bittersweet finish...plenty of audience members were dabbing eyes with sleeves and tissues as the lights came up...under Mr. Palmieri’s direction, the cast thrive...”
The New York Times
“... a thoroughly modern, breathlessly comical, arrestingly poignant story of a man trying desperately to make sense of love and loss...this production is a terrific example of what happens when director, actors, and crew are all on the same wavelength...with gut-busting laughs, a stellar cast, and a moving story, The Groundling is one of the surprise downtown gems of the season.”
“It’s the kind of live theater, warts and all, that makes us happy we live here and can just hop on the #1 train to the Village and watch theater professionals do their stuff.”
—Front Row Center
“...'The Groundling' is smart, funny, and ultimately quite moving, and it is being performed by a top-notch cast under the direction of the playwright himself. It could not be in better or more loving hands.”
—Talkin' Broadway
“Sometimes, it's really good to be reminded why we do theater...I had the rare joy of allowing the play to convince me to go along on a journey myself. And, ultimately, it was a worthy journey, digging deep into our need for expression, for community, for love, and for art.”
—NY Theater Now
“Just Move the Car and Stage the Play”
—Mark Blankenship, TDF Stages